Interview on the corona-crisis

The current situation is a big challenge with many small and large uncertainties and changes.
Our association members give an exciting insight into how their situation has changed in different places and what thoughts they have for the future.
The interview is available as a video - follow the link to reach the association's YouTube channel: watch the video

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annnual meeting with instructors

For the first time, the association, represented by our vice-president Klaus Artmann and Managing Director Nicola Buchner, met with both training institutes at the beginning of the year to formulate the timetable for joint projects and activities. Both institutes are closely connected to the association and there are many ways to support each other even better in the near future.

Above all, the association's main goals are close to the heart: to promote the image of beer culture and to bring the professional image of beer sommelier into the focus of the public. The next annual meeting is already planned for January 2021. Thank you for your support to the Doemens Akademie and the Kiesbye Akademie!

Vice-president Klaus Artmann and Managing Director Nicola Buchner visit the institutes for beer sommelier training: the Kiesbye Academy (Managing Director DI Axel Kiesbye and Head of Training DI Jens Luckart) and the Doemens Academy (Managing Directors Dr. Werner Glossner and Dr. Michael Zepf, Head of the Savour Academy)

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