Training Day of the Association

The Association of Certified Beer Sommeliers offers members the opportunity to take part in an education day as part of the annual general meeting.

Date of the next training day:
When: October 16th 2020
Where: Available as an online seminar

Seminars hostet by our sustaining member Bierbegeisterung®

BierBegeisterung® specializes in the further training of beer sommeliers.
The whole range of seminars can be found on the website: Go to website Bierbegeisterung

Institute of Masters of Beer (IMB)

The IMB consists of several accredited training centers in which the non-academic degree to the "Certified Member of the Institute of Masters of Beer" is offered and carried out across borders. The following training centers are certified institutes of the IMB:

ArteBier in Italy

BarthHaas® Hops Academy in Nuremberg, Germany

Bierbegeisterung in Bamberg, Germany

Doemens Akademie in Gräfelfing, Germany

Gastronomisches Bildungszentrum in Koblenz, Germany


Contakt and informationen on the Institute of Masters of Beer:
Marlene Speck
Phone: +49 (0)89 85 80 521
E-Mail: speck[at]

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